What Is Damascus Steel?

The Stainless Damascus Steel that we use to make our rings from is essentially lots of layers of Stainless Steel which are forge welded together to create a solid billet.


The manufacturing process is based on a type of steel originally made in India over two thousand years ago using two different grades of steel or iron. Although this ancient material was mainly made in India, it was transported and used to make weapons and decorative swords in the Syrian capital of Damascus. Popular in the 3rd and 4th century as trade items sold in the city of Damascus, it has been made there and all around the world ever since.

Today, the term “Damascus” has come to mean any steel with a visible grain pattern. Modern methods for making stainless Damascus result in a laminated effect, with the final billet etched to expose the pattern.

To create a billet of Damascus Stainless steel for our wedding rings, you start with 2 grades of stainless steel. The idea is to create a block with many layers, all of which are tack welded together and heated in a forge, to allow the blacksmith to compress these and stretch the original stack into a long thin billet, a process named 'forge welding'.

To increase the intensity of pattern, you cut the billet into pieces and stack it once again, then repeat the same forge welding process multiple times to increase the amount of layers. After this process is complete, the billet can be twisted and shaped to form an array of different patterns.

After the billet of Damascus Stainless Steel has been made, we machine it to the correct ring shape and in the most common practice to expose the pattern, we use a two step Acid etching process.

The two different acids are used to firstly expose the layers and literally 'eat away' one grade of steel, producing a rough and textured finish. The second stage of etching controls how dark the pattern becomes and we can create a ring with a Neutral finish or a super dark black etch depending on how long we expose the ring to the acid, pretty exciting stuff!

Knives, rings and other modern objects made from pattern-welded Damascus steel bear the swirly or watery pattern all the way through the metal. They possess many of the same characteristics of the original ancient Damascus metal. Take a look at our Stainless Damascus Steel ring selection to see more.