What Width ring should I choose?

Choosing a ring size - This is here to help the people who are about to choose a ring from our 5mm, 6mm and 7mm widths of rings.

(I'll talk about the slimmer ones again in another blog)

Furthest away is 5mm, middle is 6mm and closest is 7mm. All in our Stainless Steel Bevelled Edge 'Crookes Valley' ring - Available here! 

5mm Wide

5mm is perfect for the slightly slimmer and longer finger, or perhaps those who want a 'fit and forget' approach to rings. 5mm is more likely to be chosen by people with finger sizes M-R. More recently the trend has gone towards a wider ring, maybe it's fashion or just coincidence. 5mm has a really slim and light feel to it, whilst still looking as wide as a traditional wedding band.

6mm Wide

6mm as I mentioned was becoming more popular and lots of our customers picked a 6mm wide, it probably the 'good middle ground' I would say it is the most common width for our rings, as it can work from finger sizes P-U really nicely. 6mm can suit a range of different hand sizes and can be worn by the larger person, without looking visually too thin. 

My Ring Choice - Ollie

- I wear a 6mm and I hardly notice it, it blends to me and my busy life. I do have quite 'heavy hands' they aren't massive, in comparison they are about average dimensions/size....just a little thicker than the average guy, I'm a size S.....It must be all the hard work and using them everyday that builds then up....I haven't been on hand protein shakes!

Shown here at the top is 5mm, middle is 6mm and bottom is 7mm Bevelled edge rings, on my lovely finger! 

7mm wide

7mm is a good ring width for a larger hand, more common for Men and most likely to be chosen in sizes T-Z+ ranges. It's obviously wider than its 5mm and 6mm counterparts, and on a small hand could make it look very wide, something to consider depending on the look and feel you want from your ring.

I hope this has helped.....any other questions then send me a message on Instagram or Facebook and I'll try to be as useful as i can! Ollie