Which ring style is right for me?

Choosing the right style of wedding to suit you, your personality and your day to day activities doesn't have to be that difficult! Here's a little guide to give you some ideas and inspiration. 
Wedding Ring Ideas For A Traditional Man - Classic & Sophisticated
If you're the type of guy who spends his time wearing suits, smart as a button at the office then a classic ring shape is for you. A Highly Polished finish on one our 'Ruskin Green' rings would mirror (pun intended) your clean cut, sharp appearance!
Wedding Ring Style Ideas For An Adventurous Outdoorsy Man - Climber
Are you the type of person who would find themselves half way up a mountain face? If you're an adventurous outdoorsman then a Heavy Brushed and Textured finished ring such as our 'Bolehills Ring' will be perfect for you. It can stand up to a bit of rough and tumble! 
Wedding Ring Ideas For The Engineer - Precision Ring Designs
Like to get your callipers out at work and love the weekends where you can put the pedal to the metal? Then a precision detailed ring in the shape of our Polished with two asymmetric lines wedding ring, 'The Meersbrook' could have you covered!
Wedding Ring Designs - Sleek And Minimal Ring Designs 
Do you love a flat white and a good sketch book or a wander around the local art museum? Do you keep up to date with the latest trends in architecture? If you have a passion for all things minimal and sleek, then our Flat Matte/Satin ring 'The Norfolk Ring' could be a winner!
There's plenty of options to choose from and it could be the subtle extra details you select such as the engraved lines or lightly brushed finishes that help show off your personality and style.
You can show off in a calm and cool manner, without shouting it from the rooftops....unless of course you're into that kind of thing, then sign us up and we'll join you!!