Our Story

Flinn and Steel began as a micro-business, cooked up by the dynamic husband and wife duo Jess and Ollie. Fast forward four years, and we've levelled up into the realm of small businesses, now boasting a fantastic team of twenty-five amazing members!

A photo of founder ollie, and his black Collie dog, moss in the workshop where Flinn & Steel started

Ollie and Moss in the workshop

An image of founders Jess and Ollie stood in front o the original workshop

Jess and Ollie

Flinn & Steel kicked off with Ollie going all in on crafting each ring in their cozy Peak District workshop at Jess and Ollie's home. The business sprouted from an infamous tale of two rings that decided to go on an adventure, a disappearing act like no other...

Jess had just picked up four stainless steel rings from a supplier in Sheffield and bam! They vanish on her way home. With weddings approaching and no way to replace them, panic sets in. Cue Ollie, who suggests, "Why not make our own rings?" And just like that, a week later, he's got a lathe and is mastering the ring-making game.

With Jess's business savvy and Ollie's craftsmanship, the two formed Flinn & Steel. And as the business grew and expanded, the couple had to look beyond Ollie's workshop and now the team source and commission all of our wedding rings from some of the best artisan makers, specialist manufacturers and workshops across the UK, Europe and Asia. 

We may have had to leave Ollie's Sheffield workshop behind, but we're still the same brand, striving to offer our customers alternative materials and styles of wedding ring, with the same ethical ethos at heart, so that you too can get wedding excited with Flinn & Steel.

a close up image of rose gold inlay titanium wedding rings
A close up image of a hammered, black super titanium wedding ring
A close up of 2 tungsten wedding rings, one is a hammered wedding ring and the other is a brushed effect wedding ring

Nestled in Sheffield, the beating heart of steel craftsmanship, Flinn & Steel's showroom and offices sit in the leafy suburb of Tapton. As the business undergoes continuous expansion, the company's horizons broaden, and Jess is currently exploring the prospect of establishing a new showroom in the bustling heart of the city!

Ollie has taken a step back from the company, swapping ring making for another one of his passions, furniture crafting! Jess remains an integral part of the Flinn & Steel team as Managing Director, steadfastly nurturing its full potential, and enjoys Ollie's furniture at home, even if a table leg or two is slightly wobbly!