Welcome to our wonderful world of Damascus rings. Two stainless steels combined to make extraordinary and unique patterns.


There’s no engraving done here. At Flinn and Steel our rings are 100% real Damascus and of great quality.

(If you choose not to buy with us, make sure any Damascus ring you buy is the real deal!) Our customers are drawn to Damascus steel for its unique design. Not only is the stainless metal a smart choice for durability and comfort, its distinctive patterns make each ring truly individual. The technique of creating Damascus is folding and refolding layers of steel which creates the unique and flowing patterns - every ring really is a one-off design. Many are charmed by the history of Damascus and enjoy choosing one of our Damascus rings for that reason. 


Damascus has many of the same properties as stainless steel with the added bonus of distinctive patterns. It’s a great choice of metal for a ring as it is both durable and unique. Much like stainless steel, it is comfortable to wear and has a secure weight. 

Our Damascus rings need no special care, you can keep your ring clean by using just soap and water. To create the most natural fit, our rings have a curved inside (court shaped).


The inspiration for the names of our Damascus rings comes from the three patterns we work with.

These are water droplets, water ripples and woodgrain - as shown below.

Our Damascus pieces are available in three core designs. Our water ripples pattern can be made as a wide ring, a slim ring, or with polished edges. Our woodgrain pattern is also available with polished edges. It’s important to know, it isn’t until your ring is made, that we know its unique pattern. They’re almost like fingerprints - each one is unique, so it will always differ from the rings shown in our photos.

 Some patterns are more detailed and dramatic, others can appear stretched. All is revealed in the final stages of making. We love creating Damascus rings and they are perfect for those who are looking for something different.