Tungsten Wedding Rings Collection

Tungsten Wedding Rings

Tungsten Wedding Rings Collection

One of the heaviest metals we offer, make a tungsten wedding ring your go-to if you’re after something you can feel on your finger. With an incredible dark-grey colour and sparkly lustre, the toughness of our tungsten rings means it never loses its finish. Strong, but delicate - sound like a bit of you? Check out our tungsten metal ring designs below.


      Choice without compromise

      High Street Jewellers are synonymous with only offering a few wedding ring styles in an even more limited material choice. You shouldn’t have to settle for what’s there - that’s why Flinn & Steel exists. Offering weddings rings in a huge variety of materials that you won’t find at any old store. Tantalum wedding rings? We got you. Stainless steel rings? No problem. Come on in, we’re ready for you.