Before choosing your ring, you first need to decide on a metal. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about wearing titanium, so you can decide if it is the best metal for you.


For a ring that lasts, look no further, titanium is stronger than gold!

It is well known for being a high-strength metal, the name titanium literally means the incarnation of natural strength. It is a non magnetic, lightweight metal and weighs roughly 50% less than Stainless Steel. Titanium also has high levels of corrosion resistance and actually has a higher melting point than steel. It is graded between 1-5 on its extreme strength, grade five titanium is used for extreme engineering, we use grade two titanium for our rings. 


We’re often asked the difference between steel and titanium. The main difference you would notice is that it’s extremely light weight - about half of the weight of stainless steel. Because of how light weight titanium is it’s a great choice for people who are not used to wearing a ring. 

We also recommend our titanium rings for those with skin allergies like eczema as it won't irritate the skin. Despite being a lighter metal, titanium is incredibly strong and durable. 

It is so strong that we advise those with manual jobs to go for a different metal, or to remove their ring for work. It also conducts heat extremely well, which can be dangerous for those who will be working with heavy machinery. 


Because titanium is so strong it takes longer to make a ring, but our designs are worth the time. One of our most popular designs is our rough textured titanium ring, The Bolehills. It’s the perfect ring for people with a more active lifestyle as it will disguise any bumps or scratches. If you’re looking for a traditional style wedding ring, we have some strong designs available in titanium with a matt finish to give a sleek shine such as our Norfolk ring. Each of our rings can be engraved on the inside to make them more personal.  

If you’re searching for something even more personal, we also have a titanium ring which can be personalised with a fingerprint on the outside called The Ruskin 2.0. This ring is popular with couples who are getting married who opt to engrave each other's fingerprint on their own ring. Our titanium rings are curved on the inside (court profile) which makes them extremely comfortable to wear as well as being extremely lightweight and easy to wear.