We absolutely love seeing our Flinn & Steel rings out and about, doing what they do best - making you look AND feel awesome! Whether you wear them to symbolise your love, to commemorate an event or just to look good, rings have been worn since the Ancient Egyptians to convey special messages. F&S rings are handcrafted and precision engineered to last a lifetime, no matter what you put them through. So, what better way to showcase our rings then out in the wild on our favourite hand models (you guys)...

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A proper sound Leeds lad, Danny (@dannygibbons90) has our Crookes Valley ring in Tungsten. Danny is a big fitness fan and likes to hit the gym hard so our Tungsten ring is tough enough to keep up with his routine - although we suggest he removes it when lifting the big weights! 


A MTB fanatic and good mate of Flinn & Steel's founder Ollie, Dan has our Crookes Valley ring in Tantalum. The dark smokey grey Tantalum pairs nicely with Dan's pride and joy - his mountain bike! When he's not ripping up the Steel City downhill track, Dan loves spending time with his awesome little family. 


Probably the hottest couple in Barnsley, we think you'll agree. Andy has a Tungsten Millhouses ring and Kerry goes for our delicate Winter Gardens in Stainless Steel. We love an alternative wedding and this one was an absolute stunner - what a pair! 

To be continued...