Levelling up Flinn & Steel

You might have noticed recently that Flinn & Steel is looking a little…different. We know a fair few Flinn & Steel customers are all about the detail, so this is for you (as well as those who are just nosey af, I respect you lot, too).

Why Now?

Flinn & Steel was established in 2020, just before a certain global pandemic (yeah, exactly, what kind of terrible timing was THAT?). But since then we’ve been on the up and up. So much so that Ollie, one of our founders, and chief wedding ring-crafter, couldn’t keep up with demand - which set us on the hunt for skilled tradespeople from the UK, Europe and beyond to take over the reins for us! 

All of that to say is that we’ve levelled up the business, our offering, and how we offer it, meanwhile the brand was caught up in 2020. So the team and I decided to take action. Because, a growing business deserves a brand it can grow into, and one that truly reflects who both we and our customers are right now.

And in an ode to the marketing team, I’ve structured this article with the old-skool questions us marketers ask ourselves when working on any project: who, what, why and how. No doubt the eagle-eyed amongst you will be asking where the ‘who’ is. Well that’s an easy one, it’s us and you! Now, onto the next.


In a nutshell: research. Lots and lots of research. Looking within the industry to make sure we were staying well away from anything that the crowd are doing, but more importantly, looking at other industries to understand even better the bits and pieces that align with you lot. What you like, what you don’t and why. 

What does it mean?

It means that we took all the info we’d learned from our research, as well as the messaging myself and the rest of the marketing team have planned, and voilà! The same Flinn & Steel we all know and love, just with a lil upgrade. Peep our new product imagery, plus a lot of other fun bits and bobs across the site. We’ve got big plans for Flinn & Steel, and this brand refresh is just the start. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store. 

And if you’ve read this far, I truly appreciate you.

Cheers, Meg